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Green Vault in Dresden

In the old part of Dresden is one of the city's oldest buildings - Presidential Palace. Under its arches for many centuries a unique collection of jewelry and precious stones belonging to a powerful Wettin dynasty. Thick two-meter walls of the palace safely hid treasures from looters. Museum "Green Vault" is considered the main treasury of Europe. Every year it is visited by more than half a million tourists.
A unique collection consists of 4 thousand exhibits are presented in the west wing of the castle. The collection is so vast that it was divided into two parts: "Historic Green Vault" (about 3 thousand exhibits) and "New Green Vault". A treasure trove got its name because in the great hall of columns that were once green. But today, these columns are closed mirrors.
The pride of the museum - the green diamond in 41 carat, this is one of the biggest gemstones in the world. It will be interesting to look through a magnifying glass on an earring - cherry stone in gold, on the bone fits 185 portraits. Besides stones and ornaments in sculpture and exhibitions presented figurative composition depicting a palace reception. Her designs are decorated with five thousand diamonds and rubies, emeralds and other precious stones.
About museum tickets should take care in advance in 1 hour "Green Vault" can visit only 120 people. The exhibition is open from 10.00 to 18.00, Tuesday - closed. Ticket prices are different, depend on the selected exposure. You can save by buying a combined ticket to the museums of Dresden.
Reach Dresden treasures can be on city trams number 4, 8, 9. Stop is called «Theaterplatz».

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