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In the North Sea island of Sylt is located, the jewel of the North Frisian islands. On the mainland it connects odinnadtsatikilometrovy dam to the railroad tracks. Sylt area is nearly 100 square kilometers. On the island there are several luxury resorts and the capital - Westerland with numerous restaurants, bars, night clubs and casinos.

The most popular among tourists enjoy island resort Kampen. Here, well-developed infrastructure, there are comfortable cabins on the shore and a wide sandy beach. Suitable for active recreation resort Vennigshtedt. Each year, near its shores passes one of the stages of the world championship in windsurfing. Hornum In can play golf, go sailing, fishing, rent a bike or ride a horse.

Cultural enthusiasts prefer Keitum village with thatched roofs and old buildings. However, its main attraction is considered to be the Church of St. Severin, built in the 13th century. Many couples come to this romantic place to get married and spend their honeymoon.

Rantum - very quiet and green Sylt, so it is ideal for those who want a break from the bustle and enjoy a delicious meal. It is located in Rantum best restaurant of the island, which was marked by twice Michelin stars. On the menu - the famous giant clams, tasty fish, spicy lamb and wine.

The island has a small airport, which receives domestic flights. You can fly from Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf or Stuttgart. Can also be reached by train, which runs through the dam. If you plan to travel on your own car, then you have to use the ferry services.


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