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Nature Park Südschwarzwald

Nature Park Südschwarzwald

The biggest German wooden area – Schwarzwald is situated in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The forest is famous for its unique flora and fauna. In the southern part of the Black Forest, a nature park with the area of 394 thousand ha is located. It holds the 25th place in the list of the main places of interest in Germany, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful tourist regions of the country which is worth visiting in any season of the year.

Schwarzwald has always been surrounded by the spirit of mystery. There are plenty of legends and fairy-tales about this wood. Local people still believe dwarfs, trolls, witches and other dark forces inhabit it. The forest is so deep, that even a bright sunny day can’t take away the twilight out of here.

The Nature Park was created with one and only goal – to protect the pristine nature and breathtaking sceneries of the wood. Each tourist should remember this while visiting the park.

Beside hiking trails there are a lot of routes for cycling and for extreme descents. You can also rent a small house next to the mountain lake, swim, go fishing, or ride a boat there. Foodies will be excited to go for a gastronomic tour.Several years ago a special “cheese tour” was created by the park administration. 18 dairy farms are located on the territory of Schwarzwald. The farms’ owners make cheese by themselves and they’re always glad to treat all their guests with it.

In total, there are around 100 routes and paths in the park, starting from the easiest ones created for a one-day family trip to week long difficult ones for extreme lovers. All the roads are marked in a special way and have all the necessary signs for a comfy travelling along them.You can order a map of you route on the official web-site of the park and contact its administration.


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