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Lake Königssee

Lake Königssee

The lake stretches from the north to the south for 7 kilometres up to the Austrian border. It was formed due to the melting of glaciers during the last ice age. Königssee occupies an area of five square kilometres. The deepest point of the lake is 190 metres, thus being the third deepest lake in Germany. This Bavarian gem is cherished by the Germans. They protect it and control the environmental situation in its surroundings. You should definitely take a boat trip. On this unforgettable voyage, you can feel yourself part a fairy tale while enjoying scenic views of snow capped mountains that resemble the Scandinavian fjords. By the way, Königssee has an amazing acoustics – you can hear multiple echoes. During a boat trip, you’ll be offered to see this unique phenomenon when listening to the trumpet playing. While enjoying your voyage, you’ll be able to see St Bartholomew’s Church, a very beautiful pilgrimage site. Summer on the lake is great for swimming and sunbathe, while winter is perfect for skating, snowboarding, skiing. The climate of this region is quite soft. Curative water of mineral springs, and fresh air will help to strengthen your health, give vivacity and energy.



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